Tax Effective Giving

Make your donation go further! Complete a CHY2 tax relief form and help the charity reclaim thousands of euros from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to you. By enabling us to claim tax back on your donation, you are helping us maximise the value of your donation! This applies to individual contributions only and not to money raised through sponsorship.

Who can claim tax relief?

  • If you are a PAYE / PRSI employee; and you donate more than €250 in a calendar year, the charity can reclaim the tax paid on your donation(s).
  • If you are a self-assessed tax payer; although we cannot claim tax on your donation, you can claim for tax relief when filing your tax return and reduce the cost of making your donation.
  • Companies donating more than €250 can also claim tax relief by including the claim on the company’s tax return.

The minimum donation is €250.

My donation–Look at it Grow!

If you make a donation of €250 and you pay income tax at a rate of 20%, the charity can reclaim €63
from the Revenue Commissioners. 
At the Lower Rate of 20%:
The total value of your donation to the Niall Mellon Township Trust is now €313.
At the Higher Rate of 41%:
At the higher tax rate of 41% the charity can claim €174 from the Revenue for a total donation of €424.
For a company, with a tax rate of 12.5%, the cost of making a donation on €250 after tax is €219.

How do I get a tax relief form?

Simply download this form here or call us at (01) 494 8200
For further information on charity tax relief please see
The scheme is completely confidential.