Teen Africa Tuesday

Posted by Sarah Nolan on 18 Nov 11

Today was the day our team had the opportunity to visit some of the shacks. Firstly we visited Thandis Sikiti who has been living in a shack has been living in a shack for thirteen years. There are seven people living with her, her husband, brother and four children. She told us that none of them work and they don’t know if they will ever get a house. When Thandis told us about how she and her family are suffering I have to admit it was hard to fight back tears. The reality is that there are about six thousand people living in Witsand and many of those live in a shack about half the size of our hotel room. These people have no electricity no water and their shacks are stifling hot during the summer and very cold in the winter. At the same time it’s striking to see how everyone looks out for one another, they’re one big community. The experience reminded us all of why we are here and it made all of the hard work seen worthwhile. I know that though what we have all seen here is heart-breaking. We still have three days of work let and it’s important to keep working hard. It’s easy to keep going when we know what the people of Witsand are going through. We also visited Carol Muller (who has spent twenty five years in a shack), Nesca Posua (ten years) and Awaevlela Pamani (six years). So far the entire experience has been eye opening and I am looking foward to our crèche visit tomorrow

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