Sarah Nolan Full Day

Posted by Sarah Nolan on 17 Nov 11

Today was our first full day of work and with all of the volunteers finally here the site was buzzing with activity.  It’s amazing to see how much work gets done when you have so many people helping out, everyone was in good spirits and eager to get going.  Some even found time to throw water on one another!

Niamh Smith, who is part of the group I travelled here with decided it would be a good idea to pour a bottle of water on one of the men so there’s a full scale war going on between the two. We had our team night tonight and we were getting paper planes thrown at us from across the room until Scats (a veteran volunteer) got up for a song of “Aroo Cha Cha”. This is apparently a Maroon team tradition so I guess all of us “one-stars” still have a lot to learn. We got back to the hotel too late to show off our alphabet in sign language but hopefully tomorrow we’ll get those free drinks!!

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