Derek Holcroft-Day 3

Posted by Derek Holcroft on 18 Nov 11

Day 3 of our blitz and another and another hot day for the volunteers to cope with. The work is progressing ahead of schedule and everyone is staying positive and upbeat despite limbs getting tired.
Today was the day for maroon team members to visit a shack in the township. These visits  are so important especially for first time volunteers as they give a valuable insight into what life is actually like for people living in these shacks. It can be a very difficult experience, especially for young person to see another humajn being living in a dwelling, sometimes made of just wooden psllets and cardboard, which which can be blown away in a storm or wshed away in a flood.
This will always drive people to work as hard as they can during the week, but it ultimately reminds us all of why we are here. To provide a home and a chance for as many people as we can. They deserve nothing less than our best!

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