Building Blitz 2011: Wednesday 16th November 2011

Posted by Paula Cullen on 17 Nov 11

As the “mid week wall” hits many of the volunteers, tired bodies climb on board the buses at 7 am. The weather is getting wormer with temperatures rising to over 25 degrees. Work is progressing very well on the maroon team and a “little birdie” told us that we were the most advanced of the 10 construction teams – lets hope we can keep this up until Friday lunchtime when we hand over our show house to the new benefactor – a happy day for everybody, but in particular for the family that is moving out of a shack and into a concrete house. I continue to work on the painting team but unfortunately I missing the fine weather as I am working indoors.

Our team made a visit to a crèche – the only crèche in Witsand that has a population of 10,000. Remember that there are no schools and the children have to make a 5 km journey on foot or if they are lucky – get a lift on a community bus. The crèche appeared to be very well managed but sadly we were aware of notices on the walls warning everybody of hygiene due to the high risk of HIV and AIDS. Not something you would expect to see in a classroom of 3- 6 year olds.

Our Karaoke night followed with a quick turnaround at our hotel. Back to the hotel at 6.15 and then ready for the buses at 7 pm. The team were fantastic with singing followed by Irish dancing by the “Carlow Chicks” As I was on video duty, I did not take part. Our guest performer was Scats who did a solo reel..!!! Sadly we only finished 2nd out of 7 teams with the emerald green team coming out on topped. We were robbed!!!

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