Blue Skies

Posted by Derek Holcroft on 15 Nov 11

Clear blue skies and early morning sunshine greeted the volunteers as they arrived on site for day 2 of the blitz.
As yesterday was a broken up day for most it was the first real day of action. Everyone was buzzing with excitement to get really stuck in and try to get ahead of schedule. Things are busy in the cement mixing bay again today. From here you can see the dramatic rise of the walls of the houses and the speed of each volunteers work is amazing.
Another amazing aspect of our team is the amount of young volunteers. We must have a record number of second generation volunteers, whose mothers, fathers, uncles or older siblings have returned home to Ireland with fantastic memories and persuaded younger members of the family to come back with them. We also have a number of students with us including Niamh, Emma, Sarah and Kerrie, 4 transition year from St. Leo’s College Carlow. This is a wonderful experience for them and hopefully a chance for them to share their memories with other equally enthusiastic young people when they go home.

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