2011- A new blitz, a new site and new friends.

Posted by Damien O’Gara on 17 Nov 11

Dmaien O'GaraAll the hard work fundraising is forgotten the minute you arrive on site and see the faces of all the little children who deserve more in life than a can of coke or a bar of chocolate from one of the volunteers once a year. It's great meeting all the old friends at the airport and making new friends each day on site. The work ethic in the Bottle Green Team is matched by all the teams to reach the common goal: build good quality homes for people who have very little in life.

Working as a labourer on site has provided me with the opportunity to meet a wide range of trade people (Irish and South African) and skilled professionals. Today I had the pleasure of plastering a wall with a local South African plasterer on one side and an Irish medical doctor on the other. Where else in life would this happen? The integration between the South African trade workers and the NMTT team members is fantastic. During the lunch break today a few of the Irish guys had aquick game of football with the locals.

For thiose people who read this blog and think to themselves,I would love to do that once in my life,my advise would be to bite the bullet,take the chance with both hands, register with the charity and start fundraising asap. But be careful, once the NMTT charity bug bites you will be back year after year.

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